3 Reasons Why Customer Support Matters to Your Practice

The implementation of new technology into any practice implies a certain level of training for your staff. Whether it be technology like the Electronic Health Record (EHR), billing software, or practice management software, providers who have implemented a complex new tool into their practice know that this process takes time and energy. It is more than just installing new software. While a new tool can prove extremely beneficial to providers who use them, they first need to learn how to use it as well as train their staff how to use it. There are always a few bumps in the road along the way. Without the right structure in place, those bumps become a major frustration for providers and their staff. A practice needs to utilize available resources and assistance if they want their software implementation to go well from start to finish. A healthcare technology vendor should offer quality customer support to help providers implementing new software in their practice. Customer support has the ability to ease the transition from the old to the new, lessening frustrations while improving morale and confidence in your team.
3 Benefits of Great Customer Support:

1)    The Extra Mile

The EHR has been implemented in your practice for a few weeks now. The individual who has been training your staff on site has left, and you and your staff feel confident in your ability to use this great new tool. The next moment, you are being asked questions about the software that you are not sure how to answer. Your staff needs clarification in order to do their job accurately and efficiently. How do you get them the answers? There is a simple solution to this problem. When questions arise about the new technology, your staff member should be able to call a customer support line. Here, they talk to a representative who is willing to go the extra mile to answer their question. No matter the issue, providers can avoid the frustration that comes with not knowing what to do, and quickly find a solution. These customer support agents are experts on the software you are using and know exactly what to do in order to keep your staff productivity up through the growing pains of new software.

2)    Customer Support Based in the United States

A common irritation that not only providers, but all consumers run into is the outsourced call center. As someone who has questions that need immediate answers, calling someone overseas can be anything but helpful. Whether it be the long wait time or an agent who is difficult to understand, it is often a frustrating process. A quality customer support line should be based in the United States, fully trained on the software you are using, and easy to comprehend. Should a staff member have questions, they should be able to get in contact with someone who can answer them within moments. The customer support agent should take only a few minutes to find the solution to the problem, and clearly communicate a solution to the caller.

3)    More Than a Phone Call

Customer support is more than just calling someone on the phone when you are frustrated or need answers. Customer support should offer a provider additional resources that allow them the chance to find the answer on their own. Quality vendors should offer a practice online training material that include modules that target common questions and provide quick solutions. For example, if a provider has a question on how to run a telehealth visit they should be able to utilize accessible training materials that walk the physical through the solution step by step. This aspect of customer support providers a practice with visual examples that make it simple to avoid aggravating problems and questions.

Customer support is incredibly important to a practice who is going through, or even all the way through the software implementation process. If a practice has no accessible means to solutions, then their questions leave them helpless and unable to move forward. With quality customer support, providers can find peace of mind knowing that they will always find the answers they need when it comes to their new office technology.