How to Make Chronic Care Management Attractive to Eligible Patients

While many providers have decided to make the move and begin implementing Chronic Care Management at their practice, they still need to get their patients to sign up for it. There is no doubt that CCM is making strides in the outcomes that chronically ill patients are seeing. The problem is that many patients are nervous about changing their routine, even if it will benefit them.

The reason many patients do not sign up for Chronic Care Management is that they do not know enough about it, their providers do not offer it, or their providers do not make them aware of services and how they work. Keep reading to learn how to make CCM attractive to eligible patients.

1) Understand Chronic Care Management Procedure

The first thing providers need to do to make Chronic Care Management more attractive to their patients is to understand how it works through and through. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have clear rules and procedures laid out for Chronic Care Management to ease compliance. Providers who have a solid grasp of how CCM works are better able to explain it to their patients.

If a provider is unable to explain exactly how CCM works to a patient, the patient is less likely to engage in services. A lack of understanding reflected from their provider will make patients feel less confident in the impact Chronic Care Management will have on their lives.

2) Express the Benefits to Patients

Your patients interact with multiple members of your team every time they come in, call, or communicate through the patient portal. When it comes to patients who are eligible to utilize Chronic Care Management services, providers need to express the benefits to them at every opportunity they get.

By explicitly expressing the benefits to patients with each encounter, your patients will start to both visualize and get excited about how chronic care management can improve their life. Patients all over the nation are benefiting from the services they receive under CCM and yours can too, they just need to hear about it first. It is best when this information comes from the provider directly during an encounter, but it is also beneficial when front-line and nursing staff bring it up as well. 

3) Offer Educational Materials

The best option for getting your patients to be excited about Chronic Care Management is to improve their understanding of what it is. Patients are often hesitant to adopt changes to their medical care that they have never experienced before, even when the benefit is monumental.

The way that providers can combat this hesitation is by offering educational materials that outline Chronic Care Management for the patient as clear as possible. A quality vendor of chronic care management services can help your team offer patients the educational materials they need to learn all about these life-changing services.

The more your patients understand what CCM is, the more likely they are to see that the current way they are receiving care is harming their overall quality of life. With CCM, they have access to comprehensive care services that improve their outcomes and quality of life.

Chronic Care Management will not only help you patients attain a better healthcare experience coupled with good outcomes and better symptoms management. It will also introduce an entirely new revenue stream to your practice, earning as much as 85k a year per billing provider. To learn more about CCM services and how a qualified partner can help you optimize the experience for both your practice and your patients, click here.