A Merry Message from iSalus During the Holidays

As the most wonderful time of the year falls upon us we know there’ll be much mistletoeing and our hearts will be glowing as loved ones we care for are near! We can’t believe the holiday season is already here and 2020 will be at our doorstep before we know it. The saying “time flys by” could not be truer!

As we take stock and reflect on all of the exciting things that have happened here at iSalus in 2019, we also look forward to a new decade and what we expect will play an even bigger role in the healthcare landscape next year.

Value & Convenience

Value and convenience will be king as healthcare consumers become increasingly critical of the care they receive and more convenience-driven. The industry is seeing a reinvention in the way care can be delivered thanks in part to the advent of new technology and a shift in expectations as a more non-traditional, tech-savvy patient starts to take over the scene. Healthcare providers are starting to feel the pressure to adapt to these patients in a digital age where access to information, reviews, services, etc. are instantly downloaded with the touch of a button. At iSalus, our goal is to help bridge the gap between your patients’ unmet needs and the care you provide for them. With value and convenience becoming the growing priority for these consumers, we take a deeper look into the reason why it is increasingly important.


Nothing puts a damper on one’s holiday spirit quite like travelling during the busy Christmas season and waiting in a long line to go through airport security or driving through hours of traffic. Can we just be there already?! The same can be said of a patient trying to book an appointment or waiting to be seen in a doctor’s office. Patients are spending on average over an hour of their time travelling to and waiting for their medical appointments, putting a strain on patient care access and their overall experience. This also puts your practice at risk of losing their business.  We’re experts at creating better experiences and making healthcare personal again thanks to services like our online patient portals and telehealth. By offering services such as these, your practice will reap benefits focused on patient-centred care by reducing wait times and no-shows. Solutions like patient portals and telehealth make it easier to connect with a specialist and increase patient access to care, especially for those living in rural areas. No matter where you are over the holiday season or in the new year, make sure you’re reaching your patients the most convenient way possible here.


While time, ease of access, online scheduling and appointment availability will always be an important factor of convenience and value that influences patients when selecting their care, let’s not forget about ‘the reason for the season’ and why we do what we do; to improve patient lives and foster healthy lifestyles. Patients base the value of the care they receive by one principal component: that the quality of their life is positively affected. You could offer the best services and technology a practice has to offer and yet the most important result a patient wants to be yielded is an improvement in their health status. This is why we know how important it is to spend time with your patients. We’ve always made sure our products and services help you in the most efficient way possible so that you’re focusing on the most important factor of your business, the patient. By offering speciality-specific products and services such as our customized EHRs, medical billing services, chronic care management and more, we’re curating a more powerful and effective experience for your practice. Whether it’s a workflow that makes sense for your practice, administrative and financial tasks, or more comprehensive one-on-one care for your patient, in 2023 we will continue to put you first so that you can always put your patients first.

Before we set out our glass of milk and plate of cookies, we want to remind everyone why the holiday season is so important. It gives us time to reflect on all the good this past year has brought us and helps us build stronger relationships with our community and loved ones. We look forward to the success of each practice and hope that a partnership with iSalus is a partnership you and your patients can depend on.