How an ENT EHR Increases Efficiency

Speciality providers aim to help their patients tackle a specific area of their overall health. For Otolaryngologists (ENT), this means helping patients address symptoms targeting their ears, nose, or throat as well as those targeting their head and neck.

Many ENT specialists still lack the administrative and operational tools that it takes to run an efficiency-optimized practice. A speciality-specific Electronic Health Record that is made for the Otolaryngologist is the key to accessing higher levels of efficiency within your doors. An ENT EHR introduces much need workflow proficiencies that enable specialists to accomplish more in their day without being overworked or having experienced burnout. Providers have the power to take their practice to the next level with a tailor-made ENT EHR.

Efficiency Features of an ENT EHR

1) Custom Templates

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” template for speciality providers. When your software does not allow for the customization that is necessary for efficient and accurate documentation, then you need an ENT EHR. A quality speciality software enables the provider to optimize their administrative workflow in order to spend more time with their patients. Custom templates allow forms to be built out to fit the needs of your practice, eliminating the need to sort through useless information to get what you need. An ENT specialist should never have to change their own workflow to fit the software they are using, instead, the software should adjust to fit the needs of your practice.

2) Information Availability

The next efficiency feature of a quality ENT EHR is information availability. Through increased access to updated and accurate patient information, specialists are able to make more informed clinical decisions. Efficiency is positively impacted by the fact that an ENT EHR from a quality vendor allows your practice data and patient data to remain available to all qualified staff at all times. Depending on the vendor of your electronic health records, providers can also access information input by other providers, preventing the chase-down of information from other practices and promoting holistically-informed care.

3) Mobile Optimization

Through cloud-based technology, Otolaryngologists are now able to access important and secure patient data on-the-go. Mobile optimization from your ENT EHR is vital to achieving higher levels of efficiency and accuracy at your practice. It enables a more accurate timeline for documentation while allowing quick and secure access to patient data from qualified personal. Mobile access from your ENT EHR allows for the exchange of patient information between physicians and staff, improving care coordination, the accuracy of documentation, and informed clinical decision making.

4) E-Document Management

Electronic document management efficiencies and accuracies are also enhanced by a quality ENT EHR. While customizable templates allow for a tailored workflow and an improved documenting process, the ENT EHR optimizes documentation in multiple other settings, as well. For example, providers gain the ability to upload digital and diagnostic images directly into the patient’s chart. During a visit, a provider can take a snapshot with their mobile device, and then upload it immediately to their chart. With this capability from your ENT EHR, Otolaryngologists can track visual progress through the progression of their treatment.

5) Expedited Billing Functionality

 Billing efficiencies are vital for any practice hoping to optimize on-time payments and grow their revenue. The issue with billing functions found in many Electronic Health Records is the lack of speciality-specific tools that help specialists bill accurately while also working efficiently. With an experienced vendor of ENT EHRs, providers can optimize their billing functions with completely integrated software. Speciality-specific software that is tailored to the specific practice enables quicker and more accurate claims filing, tracking, and processing, expediting cash flow within your practice.

The key to a quality ENT EHR is partnering with the right vendor who can provide your practice with what it needs. To learn more about how your practice can work more efficiently with the right software, click here.