Getting to Know iSalus: Amanda Weber

In this month’s edition of Getting to Know iSalus, we interview our Senior Billing Specialist, Amanda Weber. She is our go-to for all software needs related to practice management!

Read on as we get to know one of our talented team members.


Q: How long have you been with iSalus Healthcare?

I have been at iSalus since July 2018. I love helping offices and their patients. Our reach and impact goes beyond implementation.

Q: What is your go-to productivity trick?

My go-to productivity trick is collaborating and brainstorming with co-workers while listening to music.

Q: What is the biggest misconception people have about your position?

Changing healthcare enrollments is one big misconception of the process for implementing practice management. We have a lot of set up to do to make sure a database can bill. Training on billing via the PM is a very hands on process. Having a detailed workflow that is implemented early on in the process helps with success.

Q: What was your first job?

My first job ever was working for my family. My parents had a restaurant in Charlottesville, IN that served breakfast and lunch. They also had a balloon shop and pool hall in Knightstown, IN. I would wait tables for the restaurant.

Q: Where did you study?

I studied at Anderson University and UIC – lastly online with the University of Phoenix. I have a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration, a Masters in Healthcare Administration, and a PhD in Organizational Leadership.

Q: If you could live anywhere where would it be?

I would live in a pacific coast town near the beach and the mountains.

Q: What advice would you give to your teenage self?

I would say take your time and slow down. Life goes by so fast!

Q: What’s one thing you’re learning now?

I consider my goals in life to be life long learning. It is important to be open to learning new things. Right now I am learning more about coding.

Q: If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

I would be a panda. Pandas are black, white and asian. They are cross cultural and very open minded. Pandas are also adorable. They literally only eat, sleep and play. That would be a great life.

Q: What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?

Currently I have no other aspirations for other professions. I wanted to be a Physician at one point, but that was a fleeting thought.

Q: What is your favourite pastime?

Running and coaching my children’s sports.

Q: If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick?

I don’t use apps much, but my main go-to is Starbucks.

Q: What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

I have tried chocolate covered grasshoppers.

Q: What was your favourite trip?

Nice, France.

Q: Any favourite local eats that you’d recommend?

I am pretty stuck on 1933 Lounge in Fishers right now or Lou Vino.

Q: What’s the first concert you ever went to?

Judd’s and Randy Travis. However, the best concert I’ve ever atteneded was a Bonarroo music festival in Tennesse.

Q: What’s one song you have completely memorized?

Into the Mystic – Van Morrison.


We love Amanda’s dedication to her family, profession and iSalus. And if you haven’t been to Bonnaroo yet, we fully stand by the statement of it being an awesome festival and think everyone should go at least once in their life. Stay tuned for next months feature of Getting to Know iSalus and don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!