Batch Eligibility: 2 Signs You Need to Improve Your Eligibility Verification

For most providers, giving quality service to their patients is their number one priority, but maintaining revenue and receiving timely payments is critical for providers trying to accomplish this goal. When a patient schedules an appointment to receive services, they are often unaware of the fact that they may not be covered for those services. Many providers complete this process by rendering services to their patients before eligibility is verified.

Batch Eligibility is the process of running eligibility in bulk over the practice-defined needs to maximize the efficiency of practice staff. It protects providers from offering services to patients who are not covered.

2 Signs That it is Time for Change:

Your Practice is Still Using a Manual Processes

Manual processes are still slowing providers down in terms of their coverage verification. Important time is wasted on the phone with payers to determine coverage and manual estimates are often incorrect at the end of the process. Batch eligibility offers providers and their team a completely automated process that keeps their team off of the phone and delivers answers in a matter of moments. With digital batch eligibility, a few clicks of a mouse help verify coverage for services.

Lack of Prior Authorization

A lack of prior authorization and batch eligibility at your practice guarantees that your team will offer services to patients who are not covered. Batch eligibility creates a safety net around each visit, where providers can safely offer services without having to worry about payment. This step is completed prior to each encounter so that the patient is aware of their responsibility should they choose to move forward.

Other Benefits of Batch Eligibility:

1) Peace of Mind

Probably the biggest benefit experienced by providers who utilize batch eligibility is the peace of mind they receive as a result. They no longer have to worry that they will not receive a payment or that their patients will refuse or avoid paying their portion of the bill. Responsibility is laid out prior to an encounter, options are communicated from the start, and providers can rest easy knowing their payment is coming from the payer.

2) Increased Workflow Efficiency

It is always a positive step to increase workflow efficiency at your practice without compromising the accuracy and reputation of your data/processes. Batch eligibility enables improved workflow efficiency without sacrificing the quality of your team’s work. It gives back the time that your staff would traditionally spend on the phone with payers. It offers quick and accurate results as to what their coverage looks like. And it enables peace of mind for both your team and your patients who do not traditionally have an open window into the cost of their medical care.

How Can Your Practice Implement Batch Eligibility?

The key to utilizing efficient batch eligibility processes is to partner with a quality software vendor who operates as an expert in helping your practice grow and succeed in their digital processes. Partnering with a vendor of specialty-specific EHR, Medical Billing Software, and practice management will help your team access tools like batch eligibility as well as other efficiency-boosting tools.

To learn more about how your team can implement batch eligibility, click here.