5 Ways to Increase Practice Health During a Pandemic

The everyday normalcy of practicing medicine has been interrupted since the coronavirus started to spread rapidly, worldwide. Providers everywhere are trying to find the best and safest way to continue providing care to their patients while also trying to increase practice health during a pandemic. Providers do not have the luxury of closing their doors to consumers, instead, they are on the front-lines of patient interactions.

In order to continue providing quality and safe care to your patients and increase practice health during a pandemic, providers should implement and promote the following tools, steps, and resources.

How to Increase Practice Health During a Pandemic:


In a time where patient engagement should plunder, we have the technology to keep it from sinking. Telehealth offers a solution to providers looking to increase practice health during a pandemic while still giving their patients a way to connect.

1) Video Visit

Telehealth is a great option as it gives a way for patients to visit with their physician without contributing to the spread of COVID-19. From the comfort of their own home, patients can log on and complete a video visit with their provider. Here providers can offer care to their patients, just as they would in an in-person visit, subtracting all of the risks.

2) Remote Monitoring

Telemedicine also offers a solution for providers looking to monitor their patients remotely and increase practice health. Remote monitoring enables providers to track important health data, like vitals, while having them uploaded directly into the patient’s chart. This allows providers to keep an eye on patients who might have regularly entered the office prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Revenue Cycle Management

Maintaining your revenue cycle is vital to keep your practice up and running during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many providers wonder if they have enough cash on hand to keep up with the demand for services and increase practice health during a pandemic.

3) Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

The utilization of RCM services can optimize your revenue cycle so that you do not have to worry. Maximizing your clean claims is the quickest avenue to payment for providers. For providers who might be implementing new services, like telehealth, in order to increase practice health during a pandemic, utilizing RCM services it the best way to keep your claims clean through the duration of this outbreak.

Chronic Care Management

Chronically ill patients are some of the most vulnerable during this time as contracting COVID-19 can be life-threatening to anyone who is immunocompromised. They are also some of the individuals who visit medical facilities most frequently throughout the year. Chronic Care Management offers a solution for these patients, helping them stay safe and helping your practice increase practice health during a pandemic.

4) Care Coordination

Care coordination is helping chronically ill patients avoid leaving the house unless completely necessary. By working with a qualified professional, patients minimize the number of testing and in-person visits they must complete, helping to increase practice health during a pandemic. Together with your CCM services vendor, you patients get the care they need, without putting themselves at excess risk.

5) Monthly Check-in

When medical facilities and staff are stretched thin, your CCM services vendor lends a hand when it comes to checking on chronically ill patients. They will remove the burden from your team and check-in on your patients for you so that you can increase practice health during a pandemic. During this call, the CCM services vendor will connect with your patients, collect any questions, offer medication reconciliation, and make sure your patient is taken care of.

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