Urology Case Study

A Software Solution For True Partnership


Tupelo, MS

ph 662.432.0700



3 Locations

Established in 1964


6 Physicians



1 PA & 2 NPs


 Main Goals

  • Cost effective specialty specific software.
  • Completely integrated and unified technology.
  • User-friendly interface.

  Key Results

  • True partnership with an experienced vendor.
  • Easily accessible implementation team.
  • Award-winning cloud-based solution.

Established in 1964, Urologic exists as one of the largest Urology groups in Northern Mississippi and provides services to an estimated 20,000 in and out of state patients each year. Their 15,000 square foot clinic offers patients comprehensive care given by some of the most experienced and respected urologists who use the most recent and advanced technology. Their mission is to provide the most comprehensive, highest quality urologic care in their region.

With a need for a cost-effective software solution, Urologic started their search for a software partner, ultimately establishing their partnership with UroChoice in April 2019.

UroChoice interviewed Urologic’s Beth Bryant regarding their organization experience with the partnership leading up to implementation and thereafter.


What Prompted the Search for a Urology-Specific EHR solution?

1) Cost
Finding a specialty software provider who will not take advantage of your organization financially is difficult to accomplish. Many software vendors are eager to nickel and dime you with hidden costs and surprise fees. They charge extra for features that should be included and make it difficult for you to utilize the tools you need to run your practice. Bryant listed cost as a significant factor that prompted their search.

2) Integrated Technology
The next challenge that Bryant listed was access to quality integrated software. Without an integrated Urology EHR that is compatible with your practice management software and billing software, many everyday tasks become time-consuming. Integrated technology enables providers to simplify many workflow processes like scheduling, documentation, patient intake and more.

3) Ease-of-use
In need of a simple to use and simple to implement software solution, Bryant listed ease-of-use as the next important feature they [Urologic] were looking for in a Urology EHR. Implementing new technology into your practice can leave your team feeling frustrated and defeated if it is difficult to navigate or if your vendor does not give you the tools for success.


What Features Were You Looking for in A Software Partner?

1) A Vendor Who Cares
Urologic was on the search for a software partner that paid attention to the needs and demands of their specific organization. Bryant stated, “we [Urologic] were looking for the right customer support we needed a match with a company that cared.”

Some vendors will leave you to fend for yourself during implementation. UroChoice offers onsite training, accessible US-based customer support, and a team of professionals who care about the success of your individual practice.

2) Experience
A great way to determine whether or not a vendor will provide what you need in both the software and support they offer is to ask how long they have been doing this. A quality vendor will offer testimonials and success stories alongside years of experience to show you that they can help you. If a vendor is hesitant to provide these examples, that might be a clue that they do not have the experience and wisdom you need in a vendor.

3) Urology-Specific Software
Bryant communicated that Urologic knew from the start that they wanted a Urology-specific solution. While some software vendors claim to include specialty-specific tools for your practice, only a customizable Urology solution will be able to help your organization run effectively. Features of UroChoice include custom lab/order sets, customizable templates, and a list of the most used prescriptions from Urologists across the country.

Why Did Urologic Choose UroChoice Over the Competition?

When asked why Urologic landed on UroChoice as their software solution compared to the competition, Bryant responded by saying, “iSalus [UroChoice] met each of those checkmarks. They had a great team willing to help.”


What Results Has Urologic Seen Since Implementation?

Reflecting on the results that Urologic has seen since deciding to partner with UroChoice, Bryant stated that iSalus [UroChoice] was “very helpful and accessible throughout implementation.”

She then stated, “any EHR transition is rocky. It took three to four months to learn the system, but we’re getting familiar.”

Lastly, she followed by saying, “iSalus has been great when working with our other third-party vendor and if we have a problem, they listen to us and always try to help.”


As far as the company, their number one asset is their people. Staying in touch, responding to our concerns and needs is what goes a long way. They make you feel like a partner.

- Beth Bryant  |  CEO, Urologic