Nephrology Case Study

A Software Solution For True Partnership

Nephrology Associates
of Tennessee

Ashish Soni, M.D.


31 Locations

Established in 1985


29 Physicians



3 PA & 14 NPs



  • Lack of specialty customizations
  • Poor implementation support
  • Cumbersome new release process

  Key Results

  • Better-equipped doctors and physicians
  • Improved patient care
  • Reduction in total cost of care

Nephrology Associates of Tennessee has been providing managed care, critical care and nutritional support since 1985. Its previous EHR and practice management software lacked critical features like a dialysis module, mobile functionality, case management and many more. Nephrology Associates needed a software provider that could keep up with its growing practice and not only lead but listen—and iSalus was up to the task.


The people of Nashville and surrounding communities have put their trust in Nephrology Associates for nearly four decades, and the organization doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. That ambition requires careful attention
to every detail. Large specialty clinics require EHR/PM platforms that act as a single pane of glass—everything encapsulated into one application to give doctors and nurses instant and easy access to all patient records, lab results, physician notes, and overall care needs. With nearly three dozen physicians on staff, Nephrology Associates needed a reliable system with unmatched support to keep up with high demands and busy workflows. Quality of care depends on it.
Saddled with an ill-fitting solution and insufficient customer support, Nephrology Associates was coping with ineffective workflows and an inability to integrate with other internal systems. “We looked to third parties to help integrate with our existing EMR, but what we’d end up with is a patchwork of solutions,” explains Ashish Soni, M.D., President of Nephrology Associates. “We wanted a solution that could bring everything we needed onto one application that all doctors could easily
use. And we needed a partner that could listen to our needs and grow with us.” Something needed to change. And once iSalus was implemented, everything did.


iSalus provides Nephrology Associates with an all-encompassing digital system of record for patient information that eliminates the need for wasteful paper trails. Its universal dashboard allows doctors and physicians to communicate with one another as well as other practices with precision and proficiency. Unlike other EHR/PM platforms, iSalus provides continuous support throughout the implementation process and continually offers updated solutions as the practice evolves.

Supported by a seamless implementation process that integrates smoothly into diverse healthcare systems, iSalus is the most effective solution on the market today. Physicians have peace of mind, knowing that patient information can be easily transferred to another practice or pharmacy without being lost, all in a HIPAA-compliant setting. In addition, every patient data point is easily accessible from one dashboard so care workers can collaborate and focus on what matters most—making the best patient decisions and improving overall care.
Perhaps the most noteworthy element of the iSalus solution is its ability to be customized for practices like Nephrology Associates. There is even a built-in dialysis tracker—just one example of the level of functionality in the iSalus platform.
Not only did iSalus deliver a solution that met the needs of Nephrology Associates, but the process also went smoother
than expected. “Being able to speak directly with someone at iSalus who could make a decision about customization was very important to us,” says Soni. “And once the implementation was complete, iSalus had trainers at the hip of our doctors and so that the rollout was as seamless as possible. They did a fantastic job through the whole process.”


iSalus gives Nephrology Associates a much more clear and granular view of patient data — dramatically improving the
overall quality of care.
“We can now sit with patients and have a full view into their visit history, symptoms, medications, labs, and many other data points,” explains Dr. Soni. “Being able to see this data across time is crucial to our doctors’ assessment of how a patient is doing, and to be able to show a patient the patterns we’re seeing in their care journey demonstrates the high level of care they’ve come to expect from us.”
By eliminating inefficient and ineffective workflows, doctors and physicians at Nephrology Associates can focus their energy on providing superior care to their patients. With regular system updates every two weeks and a dedicated customer service team always within reach to answer any questions, Nephrology Associates has everything they need to run its practice in one convenient place and truly meet its goal of being the premier nephrology practice in the United States.


The iSalus implementation is phenomenal—and post-implementation is exactly what was committed to at the front end. They have continued to be responsive to find solutions to any challenges we present them with.

- Ashish Soni, M.D.  |  President of Nephrology Associates of Tennessee