Why On-the-Move Doctors Need Mobile Practice Technology

It seems like everything has an app in the present day. The world is accessible at our fingertips and it is not slowing down. How does this translate to medical technology? While many healthcare providers are falling behind this on-the-go digital age, some vendors of healthcare practice technology are ahead of the curve.

Depending on the needs of their specialty, some providers and their team are constantly on-the-move. Providers like this run into trouble when it comes time to accurately chart, communicate patient health information, or write prescriptions. Mobile practice technology enables on-the-move doctors to work more effectively and efficiently without slowing them down.

Must-Have Features of Mobile Practice Technology:

1) Improve the Integrity of the Documentation Process

As long as providers have been mobile, their documentation process has suffered. Even if a physician is great at taking detailed handwritten notes, it is still less than ideal compared to real-time charting. Mobile practice technology enables providers to chart in real-time, protecting the integrity of patient data. This also enables them to input the most accurate information possible as there is no confusion during the transcription process. Providers are notoriously known for their messy handwriting and even if this is not the case for your team, the accuracy of patient health information is sacrificed without mobile practice technology.

2) Complete Charges

The process of getting paid is vital to any medical practice. The quicker you claim is filed, the quicker you will receive payment as long as it is a clean claim. Charge capture is the process in which providers are paid for services. In the past, charges would have to be completed one by one when a mobile provider returned to the office. In the office, they could use the practice computers to complete their documenting and charge capture. Now, with mobile practice technology, providers can complete charges from a secure mobile device, on the go.

3) Prescribe Efficiently

As on-the-go providers continue to meet with patients, prescribing efficiently is important so your patients can start treatment immediately, rather than having to wait any longer than they should have to. Mobile practice technology enables providers to digitally prescribe to patients in the most efficient way possible. Using a secure mobile practice device, providers and prescribe their patients what they need, choose the pharmacy that works best for them, and enable their patients to get what they need right away.

4) Secure Communications

Mobile practice technology enables secure and efficient communication between healthcare professionals as well as between patients and their provider. If a provider is out of the office and a patient sends them a medical question through the patient portal, mobile practice technology enables them to respond immediately rather than when they get back in the office. When it comes to communication between healthcare professionals, mobile practice technology enables providers to talk to the members of their practice without risking the security of patient data.

5) Upload Images

When it comes to patients who come in with visible symptoms like rashes, bruising, skin lesions or more, the ability to upload images directly into your chart notes is an incredibly beneficial capability. Mobile practice technology enables providers to upload pictures they take with their mobile practice device and upload it directly into their chart without delay. This improves the accuracy and comprehension of patient chart notes for each provider who views it.

With a mobile software solution at your fingertips, providers can access important patient data, protect the integrity of their data, improve their overall documentation process, bill more quickly, and communicate more effectively.  To learn more about a mobile practice solution that your practice can benefit from, click here.