Why Investing in Healthcare IT is a Strategic Move for Your Practice

When a provider invests in the wrong technology, they put themselves at risk for a host of operational, financial, and clinical errors. For providers who aim to grow their practice in terms of both patient care and practice revenue, they must invest in quality Healthcare IT. With the right technological tools at their disposal, providers can avoid costly mistakes that fail to yield business results and leave them sunken in capital expense. Investing in a quality healthcare IT solution is a strategic move for any practice.

The Impact of Quality Healthcare IT:

1) Reduce Administrative Work

The administrative duties of both your front-line staff and your clinical staff, while important, can result in burnout, overworked staff, and quick staff turnaround depending on the practice. Even though the primary objective of any practice is to provide high-quality patient care to their patients, administrative and compliance tasks can end up consuming the bulk of anyone’s time. By investing in quality Healthcare IT solutions, providers can relieve some of these tasks with automated workflow processes, digital intake, online scheduling, automated appointment reminders, automated insurance verification, and much more.

2) Capture Available Revenue

The utilization of Healthcare IT can empower organizations to capture all available practice revenue. Healthcare IT tools like the Electronic Health Record, Practice Management Software, Telehealth, and the Patient Portal makes it possible for providers to increase the number of billable services completed by patients and increase patient payments each billing cycle. 24/7 digital payment processing makes it simple for patients to understand their medical bills and make payments. Telehealth and remote monitoring make it simpler for patients to engage in billable follow-up care. Lastly, providers can eliminate no-shows and fill gaps in revenue with online scheduling and appointment reminders.

3) Reduce System Costs

With the right vendor, providers can eliminate costly system maintenance, replacements, and upkeep by introducing cloud-based Healthcare IT solutions. Cloud-based software keeps your patient’s information secure while simultaneously reducing system costs. A cloud-based solution can be updated and maintained over the internet, by your vendor and can be accessed on-the-go by all qualified professionals. Traditional Healthcare IT solutions are installed in-office and on the computer, leading to costly software maintenance, reduced clinical access, and the risk of losing important information.

4) Focus on Most Valuable Efforts

The effort of any medical provider is to spend time with patients, offering them the medical care that they need to lead a healthy life. The right Healthcare IT solution can enable providers to work more efficiently on administrative and compliance tasks, make more-informed clinical decisions, and offer their patients updates in real-time. With the right software, providers can focus on their most valuable effort, quality patient care.

Characteristics to Look for In a Vendor of Healthcare IT:

1) Quality Customer Support

Even if your Healthcare IT vendor offers seemingly wonderful solutions, a lack of quality support can lead to many problems down the road. U.S. based customer support from your vendor is necessary to avoid hindrances in your clinical and administrative workflows. With it, providers can avoid tough language barriers, they can access help whenever they need it, and they can work with experts that understand the US healthcare system to address time-pressing issues as quick as possible.

2) On-site Training/Implementation

Implementation of a new Healthcare IT solution can be extremely difficult for any practice, no matter the quality of the software. A vendor should promise on-site training and implementation to ensure your practice experiences a smooth transition. With someone on-site that is available to answer questions and work with your team one-on-one, providers can prevent many bumps in the road.

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