Why Chronic Care Management for Nephrology Practices Makes Sense

Nephrology providers care for patients who are currently dealing with or developing numerous chronic conditions. What starts as a patient coming in for their kidney condition ends with referrals to other providers for other aspects of their care and more referrals after that. The patient demographic of Nephrologists is mostly made of up of people with multiple chronic conditions who have a host of other medical problems which makes them the best candidate for the type of service that providers all over the nation are quickly implementing into their practice. Chronic Care Management is the tool that Nephrology providers are starting to utilize to make sure their chronically ill patients are taken care of. Not only this, but Nephrologists are utilizing Chronic Care Management to build a successful practice in 2019. Why are they choosing this tool to help them? It just makes sense.

Reasons Nephrology Providers are Choosing Chronic Care Management:

1)    Accessible Care

Through the many different methods to which Chronic Care Management is delivered to qualified patients, CCM offers the chronically ill accessible care like never before. In the past, patients battling multiple chronic illnesses would suffer due to how difficult it was to navigate the health care system and identify each aspect of their care and follow a clear care path. With Chronic Care Management patients have access to tools and help like care coordination, medication organization, remote monitoring, resource management, community engagement, as well as other things to connect them to each aspect of their care. With Chronic Care Management, patients at a Nephrology practice who are battling more than just chronic kidney disease no longer have to feel overwhelmed by the towering number of things they have to address within their care.

2)    Increased Revenue

In 2015 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services started a reimbursement program for providers willing to offer Chronic Care Management at their practice for their patients in need. Nephrology providers have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream within their practice by introducing Chronic Care Management services. By simply seeing more patients battling two or more chronic conditions and meeting the criteria under the CMS program, a Nephrology provider can increase the revenue at their practice. Considering most of a Nephrologists patient base consist of qualifying patients, it just makes sense to offer Chronic Care Management. While the reimbursement program is great, it is not the only way providers can earn money from Chronic Care Management. By offering Chronic Care Management, Nephrology providers will start to see new patients drawn to their practice. Patients battling chronic conditions are eager to find a provider who offers them quality and accessible care that takes into account the difficulties that come with having multiple chronic conditions. More patients equal an increase in revenue.

3)    Care Coordination with CCM

Battling other chronic conditions on top of chronic kidney disease would be an overwhelming struggle for any patient in that situation. The number of different providers a patient has to keep track of on top of their Nephrologist can seem astronomical along with keeping track of appointments, tests, and labs. This is why it is so important that patients with multiple chronic conditions have Chronic Care Management care coordination. Care coordination offers patients and organized solution to their overwhelming care. With a care team in place, each member communicates to make sure that the patient’s medications, appointments, tests, and labs are in order with one another. They work hard to organize the best resources for the patient and eliminate any inconsistencies and overlaps between providers. The care coordination team gives the nephrologist and other members of the care team a holistic snapshot of the patients care that not only helps them make the best possible medical decisions, but also offer the patient the highest quality medical care.

Nephrologists are already seeing a high number of patients battling multiple chronic conditions who are desperate to receive more accessible and organized care in regards to their chronic illness. It makes sense that a Nephrology provider would offer their patients Chronic Care Management. The question is, will Nephrologists implement it or will their patients find a provider who does?