How to get your CCM Program Started

Your practice has decided to outsource Chronic Care Management (CCM). This was a great decision considering all that a provider has to gain from outsourcing CCM. Outsourcing these services saves a provider time and energy in their efforts to offer their patients much needed help with their chronic conditions. There are some steps that a provider can take in to ensure that the launch of the Chronic Care Management services starts in the right way. With the right framework, Chronic Care Management can help patients manage their chronic conditions more successfully then they could on their own. They are connected to a network of resources designated to set them up for success. Because of this, it is important that providers take the right steps to get their CCM program started.

Starting CCM

1)    Vendor Education

Just like in any field and with any purchase, there exist vendors who will try to swindle a consumer into buying something that is not completely right for them. The first step toward getting your CCM program started is making sure you find the right vendor to outsource your Chronic Care Management services to. Take the time to understand exactly what a vendor is offering you. Ask then vendor for educational materials that both explain the CCM services they are helping your practice to offer, as well as how they are going to help implement them into your practice. By figuring out which vendor is right for your practice, you will avoid the risk of not having what you need later on down the road. This step is extremely important when getting your Chronic Care Management program started.

2)    Educate the Staff

Part of the implementation process of CCM is the questions your patients will have as the services are being introduced into their care plans. Because of this, Provider’s need to make sure they educate their staff on all matters CCM before the programs start. This will make the transition for patients smoother as well as help them understand it. If a patient approaches their provider with questions about any new services they are being offered, and the provider is not fully educated on the matter, it can decrease the confidence that the patient has in not only the provider but the practice and its services as well. Because of this, it is extremely important that providers take the time to educate their staff before launching their CCM program.

3)    Prepare the Patients

The next step to take in getting your CCM program started is to prepare your patient for the launch of services. Since you are outsourcing, your patient should know that they are going to receive a call from the vendor and not your office. They should know exactly what services look like and what benefits are now available to them if they are eligible. They should know that the vendor will call them monthly with connections to different community resources, prescription assistance, answers to questions, and other services set up to help them succeed in the battle against their chronic conditions. With education, patients will be excited to utilize the new CCM services being offered to them.

Providers should focus on choosing the right vendor who offers you the tools you need to offer successful CCM services, educating your staff to answer the questions your patients will have about the new services, and preparing your patients to utilize the new services. By taking these steps, a provider will find that they will have set the structure for a successful start to their CCM program.

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