Could Your Practice Benefit from Revenue Cycle Management Services in 2020?

Outsourcing revenue cycle management services at your practice has more of a dramatic impact than some realize. By utilizing RCM services, medical professionals everywhere are taking their billing to the next level, saving money, and boosting their reimbursements.

The Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management Services: 

1) Reduce Denials/Lost Revenue

Denials and lost revenue are keeping providers from earning the best insurance payer reimbursement possible. Denials happen most often due to errors in medical coding and they can lead to lost revenue or underpayments when providers let those denied claims slip through the cracks. Your Revenue Cycle Management services partner will help you tackle denials by keeping their team up to date on all of the latest changes in medical billing codes. They will track your denials to make sure that not even one falls through your fingers, and that your practice optimizes their reimbursements.

2) Higher Clean Claims

The quickest way to a timely reimbursement is a clean claim. Even providers with smooth in-house billing operations struggle to achieve high numbers of clean claims. Revenue Cycle Management Services from the right vendor help your practice optimize your clean claims so that denials and underpayments are not even a part of the equation. Through proper denial management/response and improved clean claims, your practice will see a dramatic impact in its net collections/reimbursements.

3) More Patient Payments

For many providers, collecting on patient responsibility balances is a time-consuming process that does not always yield worthy results. Your billing staff does not have an unlimited supply of time to focus on patient collections as they are often pulled in other directions. Partnering with a Revenue Cycle Management services vendor can help your practice dramatically improve your net collections. With the right RCM partner, your patients can work with someone one-on-one and take the time they need to determine the best payment options for them so that your practice sees more on-time and in-full payments.

4) Cut Costs

Training and retraining your billing staff is not affordable, by any means. Changes in billing processes and staff turnaround can force a provider to spend money on training over and over again, with little return on investment. By utilizing RCM Services, providers can finally see what a fully trained and dedicated billing staff can offer their practice. Your Revenue Cycle Management services vendor is responsible for any cost associated with training their staff and you can finally achieve peace-of-mind knowing your billing is in the hands of experts. The return that your practice sees from an increase in clean claims and a decrease in staffing costs more than covers the cost of outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management services.

5) Improved Practice Workflow

With the administrative responsibilities of running in-house Revenue Cycle Management Services removed from the shoulders of your practice, your practice will see a great increase in workflow efficiencies. Your staff can enhance its focus on patient care rather than billing and revenue related tasks. This includes things like increasing patient engagement, reducing physician burnout, or improving patient satisfaction at your practice.

Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management services to a trusted vendor is essential to improving your net collections, collecting more patient payments, and reducing administrative headache. To learn more about a trusted RCM partner that can help you practice grow, click here.