Chronic Care Management for Urology

Where healthcare professionals used to believe that the one in charge of coordinating care for chronically ill individuals was the Primary Care Physician, this is no longer the case. The medical community now understands that chronic conditions often end in referrals to specialists who better understand the details and specifics of the patient’s conditions. To take it one step further, patients battling chronic conditions often end up with referrals to multiple specialists. Now instead of working with just their PCP, a patient must partner with multiple specialists located over a wide range of practices, and try to manage their care without becoming overwhelmed. In 2015, CMS identified the need for the management of services for the chronically ill and implemented a reimbursement program that would encourage specialists to offer a higher quality of care for those in need. This would help a patient to worry less with the comfort in knowing their many providers were coordinating their treatment plan and working together to offer elevated care. Urologists work closely with patients battling multiple chronic conditions including Interstitial Cystitis, Prostatitis, Enlarged Prostate, Sexual Dysfunction, or Urology related cancers.  For this reason, Urologists must consider utilizing Chronic Care Management for Urology. This can lead to improvements in patient engagement, patient outcomes, revenue, and an efficient clinical workflow.

Benefits of Chronic Care Management for Urology

1)    Patient Engagement

Patients battling multiple chronic conditions struggle to stay engaged with their providers far more than the average patient. Not only are their conditions often debilitating or impacting their quality of life, but they have multiple providers they must keep track of and figure out how to engage effectively. This turns many patients off to a functioning relationship with their Urologist. By Introducing Chronic Care Management for Urology, providers create a simpler pathway for their patients to communicate with them, stay informed on their care plan, and stay compliant through the treatment process.

2)    Revenue

By implementing Chronic Care Management for Urology, Urologists introduce a new stream of revenue to their bottom line. Through the CMS reimbursement program, Urology specialists gain the opportunity to earn money with each patient they work with. Not only will this enable you to earn more for your existing eligible patients, but by introducing this line of services at your practice, new patients will make their way toward you for help. Chronically ill patients are actively seeking out specialists who offer these services over specialists who do not. With an increase in CCM patients and CCM reimbursements, Chronic Care Management for Urology positively impacts your practice revenue.

Benefits of Outsourcing Chronic Care Management for Urology:

While you might be ready for the positive impacts that CCM could have on your practice, some practices do not have the in-house resources to manage CCM on their own. By partnering with an experienced vendor of Chronic Care Management for Urology, providers are empowered to take on this transition while reaping the benefits of CCM.

1)    Care Coordination Services

A quality vendor of Chronic Care Management for Urology functions as experts in their field. They understand Chronic Care Management in-depth and know what to do to help your practice stay compliant and ahead of the curve when it comes to care coordination. Representatives act as an extension of your practice to help make sure patients are staying on track with their treatment plan and compliant with their medications. By outsourcing Chronic Care Management for Urology, you now have the resources to better help your patients when they have questions or need assistance. Through monthly care coordination calls, a quality vendor knows what steps to take to improve your patient’s experience and care.

2)    Patient Education

While in an ideal world, a provider could sign their patient’s up for these life-saving services without hesitation, providers must make sure their patient understands Chronic Care Management for Urology and consents to the utilization of services. This takes time and effort that providers do not have an excess of. The role of a vendor of Chronic Care Management for Urology is to improve patient education and increase the number of patients enrolling in CCM services at your Urology practice.

Chronic Care Management services enable Urologists to improve the quality of life their chronically ill patients have as well as better engage them in their care plan and experience. To make sure your Urology practice has the resources it needs to effectively offer Chronic Care Management for Urology, learn more about a quality vendor here.