AllMeds and iSalus Healthcare Integrate to Create Best of Breed

This year has been an exciting year for both sister companies after being acquired by EverCommerce, the leading service commerce platform connecting best-of-breed technologies and solutions for service sector businesses.  After being introduced it quickly became clear that the AllMeds team had a lot in common with the team at iSalus Healthcare.  Both companies offer practice management, electronic health record (EHR) and medical billing software.

It also became clear that there appeared to be some very specific differences.  For instance, the team at AllMeds offers medical billing services with U.S. based support.  Wow! This was a game changer for the iSalus team.  To date, they had only been able to work with third party billing companies. The team was excited to be able to offer their partners the ability to tighten their revenue cycle management (RCM) and save money.

Additionally, iSalus brought Chronic Care Management (CCM) services to the table.  This is a team of certified Medical Assistants that provides monthly telephone checkups to Medicare Beneficiaries who have two or more chronic conditions.  Clearly, a value add that the AllMeds team couldn’t wait to share with their partners.  Not only does it add an additional source of income for private practices but has shown to improve health outcomes greatly.

As they began to build a relationship it was evident that both teams could bring a lot to the table and by working together, could really expand what they were currently able to offer their respective partners.  It also allows both teams the opportunity to do more together, such as innovating new solutions that will keep them and the practices they work with ahead of the curve when it comes to the technological evolution that healthcare is quickly taking.

By joining forces, both teams will be expanding their services.  Now AllMeds partners will have access to solutions like telehealth and CCM and the possibility of moving to a cloud-based solution in the future.  Additionally, iSalus partners will benefit from fantastic RCM services with incredible support along with the expertise the AllMeds team brings to the table regarding additional specialties like ENT, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery and Pain Management.

As the teams have begun working together a natural migration took place where it just made sense to integrate and build a “best-of-breed” house where they could work together towards innovating healthcare so that the lives of physicians and their patients are improved.

There’s certainly an exciting buzz in the halls of both companies – an almost giddiness, as they begin to build a future together where they can offer a provider every solution they need to successfully run their practices, document patient encounters and much, much more.

Simon Mainwaring once said, “Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships and collaboration.”  AllMeds and iSalus Healthcare are working together to do just that!

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