5 Healthcare Services You Didn’t Know Your Practice Needed

Your practice is trying to grow and that means taking on new healthcare services and new technology that keep you ahead of the curve. Patients are searching for providers who offer the kinds of services that help them stay engaged and achieve better results. Below are 5 healthcare services that you need in order to bring in new patients, increase patient engagement, and improve your daily workflow as a physician.

Must-Have Healthcare Services:

1) Digital Intake Forms

Digital intake should be included in your Electronic Health Record/Patient Portal to radically change the gathering of patient health information. Patients simply log in to their portal, fill out the necessary intake documents, update their insurance, and verify their current data prior to ever entering the office for a visit. This improves the patient experience by allowing them the time they need to fill out the forms without negatively impacting wait times. In fact, providers who implement digital patient intake into their list of healthcare services experience shorter wait times on average. Digital intake has a positive impact on the accuracy of your patient data by eliminating the transcription process and reducing human error. Your staff will have more time to focus on the patient with a quality digital intake process.

2) Telehealth

Next on the list of healthcare services is Telehealth. Telehealth has made it possible for patients to regularly engage with their physicians without stretching their time, taking off work, or exhausting their financial resources. This is a must-have in 2020 as providers are choosing which healthcare services to implement. This tool helps patients visit with their providers just like they would in-office, but from their computer. With the right software, providers can access patient charts, write prescriptions, and take notes during the visit just as they would if the patient were there in person. Another added benefit of telehealth is that visits are often shorter than in-person visits and enable providers to see more patients in their day without that feeling of being stretched thin. 

3) Dictations Tools

For the on-the-go provider, a dictation tool is one of the healthcare services that will make your workflow simpler and more efficient. State of the art technology enables providers to document much faster than traditional methods while still maintaining high standards of accuracy and information. For providers who are constantly on the move, healthcare services like a dictation tool keep physicians from having to sit at their computers for hours on end and allow them to focus more on their patients.

4) Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management is one of the most important healthcare services as it is changing lives all over the United States. With CCM, patients have access to important care coordination that helps them keep track of their physicians, appointments, medications, and more. It is helping more patients experience a better quality of life and better outcomes than ever before. For providers, implementing Chronic Care Management among your other healthcare services means introducing a new line of revenue through the CMS reimbursement plan, earning some providers as much as 85k a year per billing physician. Providers can boost their revenue while also helping their patients achieve the best results.

5) Integrated Labs

Lastly, integrated labs may not be the first thing a provider thinks of when searching for the best healthcare services to bring into their practice, but it is one. Integrated labs enable providers to cut down the time that patients spend waiting for lab results and diagnoses. Instead, patients can see their test results right when they come in and work with their physicians to better understand them. Integrated labs lead to faster follow-up treatment as patients feel accountable for those results that are right in front of their eyes.

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