4 Reasons Your Practice Should Outsource Medical Billing Services

Providers that outsource their medical billing services can grow their revenue and grow their practice. While the idea of outsourcing RCM services to a vendor is controversial to some, the right vendor can save your practice’s bottom line.

Medical Billing Services Include:

Claims Scrubbing

Every practice needs to increase its clean claims. A claim is considered clean when it is submitted and approved the first time. By outsourcing medical billing services, you gain access to critical claims scrubbing services that improve your clean claims. A quality vendor will scrub every one of your claims to identify possible denials before they are fully submitted.


Once a claim is submitted, your medical billing services vendor will track it through completion. Providers sometimes lose out on important reimbursements when they fail to resubmit a denied claim. Your vendor will track claims to make sure any denials are stopped in their tracks and resubmitted in a timely fashion.

Management of Difficult Collections

If a patient’s payment ends up in collections, it can be difficult to obtain. Rather than waste your practice’s billing resources trying to hunt down and collect these payments, your vendor will do it for you. They will show your patients compassion and understanding while also optimizing your patient payments and minimizing time in Accounts Receivable.

The Benefits of Outsourced Medical Billing Services:

Increased Revenue

By increasing clean claims and collecting more patient payments, your vendor of medical billing services will increase your revenue. The fewer denials you have, the less likely you are to miss out on important payer reimbursement. Your vendor will also ensure your patients know all of their payment options so that they have a more positive billing experience.


A qualified vendor of medical billing services will ensure your practice is always adhering to compliance regulations. This means that they will minimize incorrect medical billing codes as well as non-compliance with HIPAA regulations. A qualified vendor will offer you peace-of-mind.

Streamline Workflow

Rather than pinpointing your team’s focus on revenue-building strategies, they can now focus more heavily on patient care. Handing a large pile of your billing responsibilities to a quality vendor removes some of this burden from your staff. Someone else will handle and optimize your claims process so that you can focus on your patients. This enhances the productivity of your staff by focusing their attention on the medical aspects of your business.

Specialty-Specific Support

Lastly, a medical billings services vendor can offer specialty-specific administrative support. This includes access to expert billing professionals that understand the unique requirements of certain specialties as well as claims submission for your practice. Rather than spend your administrative energy on training new staff with a high turnaround rate, you can trust your vendor to hire only the best.

Medical billing services can save the bottom line of your practice. To learn more about a medical billing services vendor that can help your practice grow revenue and productivity, click here.