Unified EHR and Billing Video

Unified EHR and Billing Video


In a few moments I’ll demonstrate iSALUS Healthcare’s unified electronic health records, billing and scheduling software but first, a brief introduction.

According to a Rand and Medical Economics Physician Survey, 79% of providers surveyed say their EHR was not worth the effort, resource and cost, 67% are dissatisfied with system functionality and 63% would not purchase their EHR again. So what’s causing provider EHR dissatisfaction? I mean, the rest of the world’s digital. Why are doctors any different? Well, we have a theory. It has something to do with the lack of quality of electronic health records and billing software integrations. And we have data to support our theory. According to another Rand survey, the inability to exchange health information between EHR products is negatively influencing physician’s attitudes about their careers. And most providers are using EHR and billing software programs that are completely separate systems, but that were forced to pass claims and demographic files back and forth after one of them was acquired. This way the company could claim to have a fully integrated system.

So what are some of the business problems that a separate EHR and billing system can cause? Great question. You run into problems such as poor data security due to having to pass demographics and claims files back and forth. And practices lose revenue because the EHR or billing software is updated and then something in the integration breaks causing claims to get stuck which can lead to timely filing denials and revenue losses. And whether you’re dealing with one or two companies, getting customer service will be challenging because you’re dealing with two different software programs therefore you’re bound to get the runaround. And the solution is to find a vendor that offers a truly unified program that lets you log in with a single sign in to access EHR, billing and scheduling.

I will now demonstrate the system starting with checking a patient in from the scheduler. We can make sure he passed a custom validation and then collect our copay. The provider pulls the daily chart from their schedule and begins to chart the visit. And with just a few mouse clicks the provider selects their codes and the claim is ready to bill. To make sure practices are paid for all services rendered iSALUS automatically sends partially charted SOAP Notes into a secure queue to remind providers to finish their charting. And once completed it falls off the list. And in case there’s a patient on the calendar for which no claim exists, iSALUS intelligently routes a superbill to the provider for completion. Once done, the superbill falls off the list and is ready to go to the clearinghouse.

Powerful billing dashboards let you know the financial health of your practice at all times. The minute a provider finishes their superbill they’re ready for submission to the clearinghouse. And what’s nice is billing billers never have to leave the system, they just click the mouse a few times and those claims are submitted.