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Data Becomes Useful

Turn Volumes of Data into Actionable Information.

OfficeEMR™ allows you to quickly visualize clinical markers in your patient’s timeline to glean the information needed for important treatment decisions. Without moving between tabs, easily view medications, encounter notes, order results, communications and other information you need to understand their entire health profile.

Visualize Patient Data

A Partner, Collaborating Together

We’re doing everything RPMS does as far as getting data over then user population count.

“The nice thing about iSALUS is it includes optical, Behavioral Health, and the clinical aspect and you tie them in altogether. So we have a system in place that allows that, but what’s more important is that we have a staff that actually utilizes that system in an integrated fashion. “
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Therapy Treatment Plan

Referred Care Tracking

Efficiently Manage Patient Care and Submit Reports Correctly.

OfficeEMR™ includes a Referred Care Portal to easily track each patient and the services they receive outside of your facility, from initial referral to final payment. Specialized reporting within the portal allows you to break down your Referred Care financials by patient, vendor, specialty and many other parameters. And with our built-in National Data Warehouse reporting tool, you can generate all IHS-required reports at any time, in the correct format, for submission to Indian Health Service.

Visualize Patient Data

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Connect from Anywhere

Charge Capture

Secure Communications

Voice Dictation

Mobile Imaging

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Integrated Workflows

Never Choose between Compassion and Documentation Again.

OfficeEMR™ offers both Medical and Behavioral Health workflows within one system. Your providers will have access to behavioral health specific templates to make your documentation more efficient including those for depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Additionally, the Copy Note feature allows providers the ability to copy and paste previous notes into a new encounter to easily edit and add information as necessary.

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