Sarah Morrision Testimonial Video

Sarah Morrison Testimonial


I would absolutely recommend iSALUS to anyone searching for a new EMR and the reason is it is so flexible for your needs. The reporting is amazing and the customer service is fantastic. iSALUS has allowed us to grow our business in that we are taking an EMR product that allows us to treat the spectrum. So we are able to treat the work-related injuries, which sometimes comes through us. We’re also able to treat those acute conditions and then we can look at chronic condition management. The prompts for the templates are very useful and very user friendly and can guide the provider through the visit to make sure we’re not missing anything.

iSALUS allows us to quickly go to a new client and be able to do whatever they need us to do. So if they want us to add physical therapy services, we can use our physical therapy templates. If they need us to do just occupational medicine, we can narrow our templates for that particular client. And then if we want to do full primary care we have access to that as well. So RepuCare Onsite being a company that partners with employers, the employers are always looking for “What’s my return on investment?” Before, with our previous EMR it was very hard to quantify how many patients were coming through and how many dollars we were able to save them. But through the easy reporting of iSALUS we’re easily able to pull those numbers out and provide them with a dollar value that this is actually how much you saved this month.