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Electronic Statements


Introducing Electronic Statements

Now you can increase your practice's revenues and office productivity! Electronic statements offers you the ability to have your statements automatically printed, put in an envelope, postage added, and send to your patient’s home with just a few clicks! The best part about this service is that it only costs $0.78 per statement and this INCLUDES postage which is typically $0.49 by itself.

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Improving Office Productivity?

Did you know that by outsourcing patient statements staff can now focus on the practices core business needs!

Improve Cash Flow?

Patients can’t pay balances they are unaware of. A recent survey of medical practices, indicated that the process of printing, stuffing and mailing of patient statements is often a disliked task by your billing personnel and not performed consistently each month. How many times has Susie not been able to get statements out on time because of other pressing issues? By moving to electronic statements you can improve your cash flow when patient statements are mailed consistently and timely each month. .

Reducing Costs?

After adding up the expense of paper, toner, envelopes, return mailers, postage and the most expensive of which is staff time, most practices do not realize they are spending a minimum of $1.50-$2.50 per statement. This number does not include the overall cost to the practice by not having your staff work on core business needs including rejected claims and appeals.

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