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Security Risk Assessment



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Matching a "Turbo-tax" like software solution, the HIPAA One team has spent years automating and simplifying the HIPAA Gap Assessment and Security Risk Analysis process. HIPAA One can be used to quickly and effectively self-assess your own environment’s HIPAA compliance, and provide ongoing remediation tracking, email reminders and automated reporting. iSalus has partnered with HIPAA One®, the leader in HIPAA Security software, to deliver a simplified, automated, and affordable software-driven approach to the Security Risk Assessment (SRA) as required under the HIPAA Security Rule and the Meaningful Use Incentive program. As a result of the changes driven by The HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act, all Covered Entities and Business Associates must be compliant and completing a formal Security Risk Analysis is a crucial step in doing so. Enforcement of compliance has increased significantly over the last year and includes the following:

  •  Mandatory Audits
  •  Business Associates Must Comply With New Laws
  •  Subcontractors Must Comply With New Laws
  •  Non-Compliance Fines Are Being Enforced
  •  Stiffer Penalties
  •  Jurisdiction Provided To State Attorneys General To File Civil Actions Against Violators


Because of this, it is more important now, than ever before, to build your organizations risk management program on a methodical and proven software solution. All 78 Security Rule citations are addressed; and based on NIST 800-series methodologies; HIPAA One® rigorously follows the 9-step process to allow you to conduct a Security Risk Analysis.

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Is Security Risk Assessment
Right for My Practice?

Our HIPAA forms, checklists and documentation reports are intended to provide guidance, including suggested policies, processes, and tracking mechanisms that help you to make sense of the new HIPAA regulations. They combine reusable solutions with analysis patterns, research, and useful organizational techniques that can be tailored specifically to the unique needs of your organization. In short, utilizing our software-driven approach to the Security Risk Assessment will assure compliance for your practice!