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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management for Your Practice

In today's healthcare compliance climate, It’s more important than ever to accurately assess the billing cycle within your practice. Simple coding mistakes can add up quickly to create massive delays in revenue. Like many healthcare providers, you might be considering outsourcing your billing to avoid the disastrous consequences that improper coding mistakes could have on your practice, not to mention the time you will spend learning new codes, training staff, investigating rejected claims and updating the processes within your office.

See how we can help. As a trusted partner in RCM services, we can help take the burden off of your staff and give you the peace of mind that a certified team of billing experts is working for you in an efficient and timely fashion. 

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4-12%* of Monthly Collections Gets You:

  • The iSALUS Award-Winning Stage 2 Certified Electronic Health Records
  • Appointment Scheduling & Transparent Financial Dashboards
  • Free Data Import
  • 8 Hours of Personalized Training & Customizations
  • Free Clearinghouse Enrollments & Database Setup
  • Lifetime Personal Account Manager
  • Claims Submissions
  • Rejection and Denials Troubleshooting & Resubmittals
  • Payments Posting
  • Insurance and Patient Collections Follow-Up Phone Calls

*Rate is dependent on the number of claims submitted each month. An exact quote will be provided upon request.

Why Consider Outsourcing?

  • We Provide 100% Transparency Into Your Practice's Financial Health
  • Spend Your Time Practicing Medicine & Less Time Doing Paperwork
  • Lower Stress Level of Your Office in Addition to Lower Staff Turnover
  • Reducing Office Staff = Reduced Benefits Expenses
  • Unified EHR & Billing Service Result in Higher Claim Approvals

You spent 25,000 hours in hands-on clinical training to become a healer, not deal with complicated and problematic insurance billing and collections headaches. iSALUS billing and collections experts eliminate your anxiety and restore the joy in medicine. We handle the headaches associated with billing and collections while giving you 100% transparency into the process.