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Quick and Useful Data

Mission Control for Your Patients.

Podiatrists have busy practices and we know how it’s imperative to be able to quickly visualize clinical markers in your patient’s timeline. Without moving between tabs, OfficeEMR™ allows you to easily view medications, encounter notes, procedure notes and other information you need to understand the patient’s entire health profile.

Visualize Patient Records
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Easy Procedure Documentation

Consistent Information That’s Critical to Your Practice.

While diagnosing and treating conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg, Podiatrists perform many procedures from debridement to avulsion. Having fast and consistent documentation is critical to the success of a practice.

Customize Your Documentation
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Online Storage for Increased Efficiency.

Now you can easily take your practice paperless to increase overall efficiency.  OfficeEMR™’s eDocument Management system allows podiatrists convenient, online storage of faxed, scanned and imported documents.

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