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Practicing Your Way

Efficient Documentation Critical to Your Workflow.

Anyone specializing in Plastic Surgery understands the importance of individuality. OfficeEMR™ provides Plastic Surgery practices with the electronic tools needed to ensure your practice operates your way, while increasing efficiency as you go. You can choose to use a template already created by other Plastic Surgery practices across the country or we will customize one to meet your specific needs.

Customize Your Documentation
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Prescribing Gets Easier

Writing an Electronic Prescription Shouldn’t be Difficult.

We know you’re busy. That’s why OfficeEMR™’s simple, yet powerful e-prescription process not only looks and feels like a prescription pad, it does so much more! Join plastic surgeons across the country who are enjoying the ease of prescribing, including control substances, utilizing OfficeEMR™.

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Custom Treatment Plans

One System That Caters to all Your Needs.

Now more than ever, comprehensive treatment plan documentation is critical for plastic surgery specialists. Having a system that works with you is imperative to a successful practice. Using the OfficeEMR™ customized treatment plan, you can quickly document the strategy and goals for your patient’s successful treatment.

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