Patient Portal Video

Patient Portal Video


The iSALUS patient portal is insanely easy to set up and it automatically integrates with our EHR. Let’s take a look. Upon patient checkout, iSALUS automatically prints a welcome letter with clear and simple instructions informing patients of how to log into the iSALUS patient portal, My Medical Locker. To create a free account patients simply go to from any internet-enabled computer or device and create their account. Then they open their email from iSALUS and click the link, they click the connect link and simply input the activation link printed on their welcome letter. And just like that they’re logged in.

By letting patient’s fill in the demographic information online, you save them the utter headache of filling out 15 pages of documentation in the front office. And better yet, front desk staff can automatically import demographic information with a single mouse click. And what this leads to is happier patients and happier staff. And once patients enter demographics they securely share them with the practice for data import.

Secure messaging is one of the most exciting aspects of My Medical Locker. Patients can send secure messages to providers which leads to happier patients, better care delivery and lets practices meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives.

My Medical Locker also allows patients to request appointment online. Patients can enter information including the provider, the reason for the visit, the preferred time frame, preferred days of the week and the most important aspect of the visit request. When providers select patient education materials during the patient encounter, My Medical Locker automatically alerts the patient with a convenient reminder and email to review them. IN addition to improving convenience and care quality for the patient, this helps you meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. When patients check out of the office, they automatically receive an alert with a link to a clinical summary highlighting everything that happened during the visit.

Providers can easily and securely respond to patient clinical messages from an inbox style queue. And processing and responding to appointment requests couldn’t be easier. And you can import patient demographics with a single mouse click.

Any information submitted from a Patient’s My Medical Locker can be reviewed from a Patient’s Timeline.