Paperless Office Video

Paperless Office Video


In just a moment, I'll show you how to obtain a completely paperless office. But first, a brief introduction. Have you ever wished your office was completely paperless? Well, you're not alone. And while many providers and billing staff wish they had paperless offices, the truth is that most EHR and billing systems lack the features necessary to allow a practice to become completely green. So despite having an EHR, most are still maintaining lots of files cabinets and paper in boxes.

They're lacking features like intuitive fax integration, mobile document access, batch scanning, intelligent document routing and online folder systems. And at iSALUS, this really got our gears turning. Our idea was to completely rid medical practices and billing offices of paper. And according to our customers, we're succeeding. By the way, not a single piece of paper was used during the filming of the following demonstration.

Since iSALUS is web-based, you can access documents from anywhere, including an iPhone. Let's start by scanning a primary insurance card. Let me show you how simple it is to scan a batch of documents. You really don't have to be a computer scientist. After a couple of mouse clicks we're done. Now we can easily disperse the batch that we just scanned. We'll name the document batch, attach it to the appropriate patient, place it in the appropriate file folder and route it to the right clinician for review. iSALUS also lets you import documents from your computer. And once it's imported it's very easy to route to staff and providers for review.

iSALUS lets you receive and send electronic faxes. When a fax comes in, you simply save it to documents and then process it. We will attach it to a patient chart, save it in a file folder, then select the provider or staff to route it to. With our secure task list, providers can easily and effectively review documents and then mark them as reviewed. Let’s review and mark as reviewed now. Here's another document, looks like a lab review. Again, we're reviewing and then we're going to mark as reviewed and this time we're going to put a comment on the document. And it's that simple. And all documents that have been associated with a patient's chart will be displayed on a patient's timeline for easy retrieval.

The iSALUS feature-rich iPhone app means that practices don't have to buy new equipment to take patient photos. And once you take a patient's photo you can save it as their head shot and that head shot displays any time you open their chart. Let's use the power of the iPhone to take a picture of a patient's foot and then send it to another staff member for review. And if a provider has a busy day at the office, instead of carrying home 20 patient charts, just do your document reviews on your iPhone while sitting at home on your couch with your family. And add our comments and we're done.

It's that simple. All good things come to an end. Thanks for joining us.