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Data That’s Useful

Quick Access That Expedites Treatment.

iSALUS Healthcare understands the importance of eliminating pain. As a Pain Management Specialist, you are surrounded by pain every day. Your EMR shouldn’t add to it. Having the ability to visualize important clinical markers will expedite your decision-making capabilities for your patients.

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Customized Procedure Documentation

Seamless Documentation and Billing.

Whether you are documenting a Bier Block, Lumbar Epidural or a Kyphoplasty, OfficeEMR’s™ unified documentation and billing process makes tracking and documenting faster than ever. Increase your bottom line by eliminating the risk of charges being overlooked.

Customize Your Documentation
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Custom Treatment Plans

One System That Caters To All Your Needs.

Now more than ever, comprehensive treatment plan documentation is critical for Pain Management Specialists. Having a system that works with you is imperative to a successful practice. Using the OfficeEMR™ customized treatment plan, you can quickly document the strategy and goals for your patient’s successful treatment.

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Expedite Cash Flow

Never Miss a Charge Again .

Eliminate duplicate data entry and missed charges with electronic charge tickets. OfficeEMR™’s billing functionality allows your tickets to become instant claims submitted within minutes of a patient’s visit. You can even enter charges from your iPhone.

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