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Customized Workflows

Maintain Compliance w/ Easy Access Anywhere, Anytime.

Occupational Therapists across the country are struggling with increased regulations and decreased reimbursements. OfficeEMR™ is here to help. Experience increased service capacity when you maximize your efficiency with custom workflows that help improve your work-life balance. OfficeEMR™’s customized Initial Evaluation, Treatment Note, Missed Appointment, Re-evaluation or Discharge Note allows Occupational Therapists to quickly document a patient’s encounter. Once a note is complete you can automatically fax or share the document electronically through the system.

Customize Your Workflow
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Visualize Outcomes

Mission Control for Your Patients – Data at Your Fingertips.

OfficeEMR™ allows you to quickly visualize clinical markers in your patient’s timeline to rapidly make treatment decisions. Without moving between tabs, easily view physician referral letters and orders, past encounter notes and other information you need to understand the patient’s profile.

Visualize Patient Data
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Improved Quality of Care

Drastically Increase Your Time With Patients.

As an Occupational Therapist, having a system that reduces the amount of time you spend documenting is critical to your business success and patient satisfaction. The OfficeEMR™ Note Forwarding feature reduces documentation time by allowing you to quickly choose a previous note and paste it to the current treatment date for editing. Now you can give more of your attention to your patients and improve the quality of care they receive.

Improve Patient Care
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Authorization Tracking

Ensuring Payment for Services for Occupational Therapists.

OfficeEMR™’s integrated authorization tracking is critical. Occupational Therapy practices are able to track authorized units, visits, amounts and dates along with authorizations for multiple payers and diagnosis codes. Additionally, a warning indicator lets you know when an authorization is almost fulfilled or expired.

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