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Documentation Continuity

Practice-Specific Standards in the Documentation Process.

Whether your patient has Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s or a variety of other neurological conditions, OfficeEMR™ helps both large and small practices provide continuity within their documentation. This includes information obtained by ancillary staff members. The Neurology-specific History of Present Illness (HPI) and Chief Complaint templates help establish standards specific to your practice within the documentation process.

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Custom File Management

Complete Patient Records at Your Fingertips.

With OfficeEMR™ eDocument Management, users can upload digital and diagnostic images directly into the patient’s chart. Neurologists can create a rich file management system with folders and subfolders custom to their practice.

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Expedite Cash Flow

Never Miss a Charge Again.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and missed charges with electronic charge tickets. OfficeEMR’s™ billing functionality allows your tickets to become instant claims submitted within minutes of a patient’s visit. You can even enter charges from your iPhone.

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