Mary Ann Lake Testimonial Video

Mary Ann Lake Testimonial


My motto has always been "I want to do what I love to do." I didn’t want to sit in an office and do paperwork all day long and not be able to enjoy what I do, which is see my patients and enjoy my patients. What I like the most about iSALUS is that when it comes to doing an evaluation or meeting with your patients it was like it was made for me as a therapist. So I can pay more attention to the person that I am sitting there and talking to and less time on the computer.

It seemed too good to be true because it was very step by step. It was all laid out for you. There wasn’t any hidden tricks as how to get from point A to point B, it was just very common sense.

I love the iSALUS app, because of one when I am working it is very nice, because I am able to stay in touch with my schedule, when my patients are coming, when they are not. It helps me stay in communication with my co-workers, especially I have been on maternity leave for the last four months and it’s been wonderful in terms of staying in communication and connected with my co-workers during this time.

I would definitely recommend iSALUS as an EMR for another company mainly because of the simplicity of it. I mean, no system is perfect but in my world and where I came from and all the different systems that I have worked with, it to me is the most simple, laid out, easy to use program that I have ever used because I feel like I can actually finally do what I love and not have to worry about all the extra stuff when it comes to the paperwork because I know it’s already going to be laid out for me. It’s going to take me 5 minutes to plug in my note and I get to walk out the door and be with my family. To me you cannot put a price on that; it’s wonderful. I would highly recommend any company that wants to simplify the lives of their therapists to get it.