iPhone App Video

iPhone App Video


That’s Dr. Kate, checking Johnny’s ears. Dr. Kate is an independent physician owner who feels like medicine is her calling, better yet, her destiny. Delivering high-quality patient care inspires Dr. Kate but that’s not all. She’s also a mother and a wife and she loves her family deeply but she’s constantly at her medical practice but she has no mobile access to patient charts so working from home isn’t feasible.

Dr. Kate loves her iPhone but the EHR iPhone apps that she’s seen are expensive and very feature limited. If she could find an iPhone EHR that’s feature rich, easy to use and affordable she’d be one step closer to balancing her work life and her home life.

After careful consideration, Dr. Kate settled on iSALUS’ Healthcare’s OfficeEMRTM due to the fact that it’s web-based, affordable and has a feature-rich iPhone application. Since Dr. Kate and her staff members all have iPhones, they can now communicate on the go which leads to a more efficient medical practice, higher quality of care delivery and a happier Dr. Kate.

Let’s review a few of the things that Dr. Kate and her staff can now do from the iPhone application. You can pull a patient’s chart and review recent chart notes, write an electronic prescription and use mobile charge capture to get new charges as well as complete the charges you did back at the practice. They can review x-rays, they can take a picture of a patient and send it to clinical staff for review, they can review and share electronic documents and faxes, they can use voice dictation to dictate the patient visits. They can review and add vitals, allergies and problem lists. And now Dr. Kate can review her appointment schedule and even create new appointments. Practice profits have gone up because Dr. Kate and her Office Manager keep very close tabs on the practice financials from their iPhones using colorful charts and dashboards.

Now instead of being stuck at the office working on charts, Dr. Kate makes it home in time for pizza night, and then she completes any unfinished work on her iPhone. And how does Dr. Kate’s family feel about all of this? I think that’s pretty clear.