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Visualize Outcomes

Critical Patient Information is Instantly Available.

As an internist, you deal with numerous conditions every day. Having easy access to key clinical data about a patient’s condition is crucial to the quality of care you provide. OfficeEMR’s™ interactive summary lets you quickly graph a patient’s vitals, medications, lab results and more in a single screen.

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It’s Smooth, Clean, Efficient

It has just enough of the bells and whistles and many that you can turn on if you need to.

“This is a company that really seems to care about moving a physician forward in their journey of data gathering and data management for their patients. It is a product that every practice needs to at least look at because it is so efficient. For me a product like iSALUS was wonderful because I didn’t have to buy a giant stack of servers. I didn’t need to have an onsite IT person to help us out. II was out of the box running iSALUS on the first day.”

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Practicing Your Way

Never be Forced to Change Your Workflow Again.

Every physician practices medicine in their own, individual way. Not only does OfficeEMR™ provide you with the tools you need, we give you options. You can choose to use a template created by one of our other internists or we will customize one to meet your specific needs.

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Meaningful Use Stage 2

Easily Maintain Compliance with a Certified EHR.

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are burdened by regulation. However, maintaining compliance can oftentimes contribute more money to your bottom line. OfficeEMR’s™ Provider Dashboard makes tracking and complying with Meaningful Use straightforward and painless.

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