I-Scheduler Video

I-Scheduler Video


This is Dr. Dan and he loves to see patients. After all, that’s why he went to school. But Dr. Dan is wrestling with employee turnover. He’s on his fourth receptionist in nine months. And every time he hires a new employee it takes 30 days to recruit them and costs about 20% of an employee’s annual salary. And that’s time and money he just doesn’t have. Now he’s working 70 hour weeks and he’s missing his kids grow up.

Unfortunately, Dr. Dan is about to lose another great one. Cindy, his talented new receptionist, is already considering another job because she feels like the practice’s appointment scheduling software is really setting her up for failure. The software offers no safety limits to ensure appointments turn into billed claims. And Cindy knows the practice is losing revenue but there’s no way for her to fix it. And worst yet, the system was down for two days last week during the busiest time of the year. It’s really not fair to Cindy.

Dr. Dan was fed up and finally decided to purchase a new scheduling program. He went with iSALUS Healthcare because it’s insanely easy to learn yet it’s robust enough to make his practice run like a well-oiled machine. Let’s take a tour to see how appointments are managed in iSALUS.

The first thing you’ll notice is that iSALUS is accessed through a web browser. It is 100% web-based. Color-coded appointments indicate each patient’s status. This keeps the practice staff informed about patient flow at all times. And practice calendar views can be customized to show your schedule almost any way you like. IntelliType search technology allows users to search for patients in multiple ways including date of birth, last name, first name and social security numbers. But it also allows users to search by the first two letters of a first name plus the last initial of a last name.

And office staff proactively ensures EHR Meaningful Use objectives are met with automatic exclamation points and specific suggested action steps displayed on the scheduler and throughout the software program for any patients that are not meeting Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. This will ensure that your practice receives EHR stimulus dollars and more importantly doesn’t get penalized starting in 2015.

If you search for a patient that doesn’t exist, you can quickly and easily create a new patient and schedule an appointment. This keeps front desk staff highly productive and employees like Cindy love coming to work.

Automatic reminders by appointment type make sure patients show up prepared for their appointment. Convenient appointment quick views that show all patients for the entire day allow users to change status without leaving a single screen. Front desk staff can except copays with a single mouse click or easily print receipts for patients.

Update demographic records on the fly from the appointment calendar and verify insurance eligibility to see copay, coinsurance and even plan services covered. Upon checkout the front desk will be automatically prompted to print any pertinent data relating to the visit including patient education, medical summaries and an invitation to login to the iSALUS Patient Portal.

Use the convenient go-to function to pick a future date and schedule an appointment with a single mouse click. And you can use the advanced search criteria to quickly find the next available appointment opening or simply use the calendar forward function to find the next available option.

And practices not using an EHR can batch-print superbills. Increase quality of care and practice revenues by printing patient recall letters with an easy to use recall list generator. Lastly, the system automatically flags missed claims for every patient on the appointment calendar to make sure your practice never misses a dime of the revenues you deserve.

Dr. Dan and Cindy couldn’t be happier with iSALUS Healthcare’s Appointment Scheduler. And as for Dr. Dan, this is how he really feels (dancing).