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Custom File Management

Complete Patient Records at Your Fingertips.

With OfficeEMR™ eDocument Management, Gynecologists can easily incorporate digital and diagnostic images directly into the patient’s chart. You can create a rich file management system with folders and subfolders custom to your practice for fast and easy access and viewing.

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Customized Documentation

Efficient Documentation That’s Critical to Your Workflow

Whether you’re documenting the results of a Myomectomy, Colposcopy or other procedure, everything is simplified inside OfficeEMR’s™ customized workflow. Now you can spend more time with your patient than you do with their charts!

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Meaningful Use Stage 2

Easily Maintain Compliance with a Certified EHR.

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are burdened by regulation. However, maintaining compliance can oftentimes contribute more money to your bottom line. OfficeEMR’s™ Provider Dashboard makes tracking and complying with Meaningful Use straightforward and painless.

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