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Mission Control

From Data to Actionable Information.

OfficeEMR™ allows Endocrinologists to quickly visualize clinical markers in your patient’s timeline to glean the information you need for important treatment decisions. Without moving between tabs, easily view medications, encounter notes, order results, communications and other information you need to understand your patient’s health profile.

Visualize Patient Data
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Customized Workflow

Documentation That Makes Sense to Your Workflow.

Whether you’re documenting for Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Low Testosterone, Cushing’s Disease or other Endocrine conditions or procedure, everything is simplified inside OfficeEMR™’s customized workflow. Now you can spend more time with your patients than you do with their charts!

Customize Your Workflow
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Prescribing Gets Easier

Writing a Prescription Shouldn’t be a Nightmare.

We know you’re busy. That’s why OfficeEMR™’s simple yet powerful e-prescription process not only looks and feels like a prescription pad, but does so much more! Easily choose from the prepopulated list of prescriptions most often used by Endocrinologists across the country or select a medication from the expansive list of FDA approved drugs and over-the-counter medications. Even compound pharmaceuticals are available. Providers love how they can prescribe right from their iPhone when on the go.

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Custom File Management

Complete Patient Records at Your Fingertips.

With OfficeEMR™ eDocument Management, users can upload digital and diagnostic images directly into the patient’s chart. Whether it’s an image from a Thyroid Ultrasound or results from a Thyroid Biopsy, users can create a rich file management system with folders and subfolders custom to your practice.

Manage Your Documents

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