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Collaborating for Success

You Take Care of the Patients, Let Us Take Care of the Technology.

With OfficeEMR™’s Employer-Based module, clinic owners can focus on patient care and wellness programs, not technology. As an employer-based clinic, managing the healthcare and wellness needs of employees and their families can be a challenging task. With OfficeEMR™ you can provide compassionate and efficient care for traditional and shared clinic care models within a single, cost-effective solution. OfficeEMR™ helps you enhance the quality of healthcare services you provide by reducing the documentation, tracking and reporting challenges you face daily. Never before has tracking a patient’s health indicators been easier.

Begin Tracking Patient's Health
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Patient Setup

Flexibility That Makes Management and Reporting Easy.

OfficeEMR™ makes patient setup a breeze. Depending on the employer’s needs, choose between bulk upload or individually establishing each one. Clinics can now register patients based on a variety of employer-specific criteria such as: employee type; dependent status; clinic access; wellness program enrollment; and many more criterion. This flexible feature makes the patient access and wellness program management of updating, tracking and reporting easy to achieve.

Simplify Your Reporting
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Remove Barriers to Care

Helping You Create a Healthier Community.

Let OfficeEMR™ assist you in accomplishing your goal of helping individuals, families, businesses and organizations maximize health and wellness at home and at work. The heart of all successful employer-based clinic deployments is providing compassionate and effective care to your patients. With OfficeEMR™ providers can focus on patient care instead of a computer. Now there is customization that allows providers to manage a patient’s work injury, routine and preventive care, chronic conditions, adherence to wellness programs and medication compliance unique to the practice needs.

Customize Your Workflow
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Custom Order Set

One System that Caters to All Your Needs.

As an Employer-Based Clinic, the lab entry and ordering process may vary depending on the location and the employer. OfficeEMR™ offers Employer-Based clinics a flexible solution to meet their unique needs. Providers enjoy the ease of use, baseline and results tracking and graphing capability. To ensure seamless billing processes, OfficeEMR™ allows optional lab billing account information to be configured for each employer and location.

Integrate Your Labs
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Custom File Management

Complete Patient Records at Your Fingertips.

As an employer-based clinic, space is critical and shouldn't be wasted as a file room full of patient records and diagnostic images. With OfficeEMR™ eDocument Management, users can easily incorporate digital and diagnostic images directly into the patient’s chart. You can create a rich file management system with folders and subfolders custom to your practice for fast and easy access and viewing.

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