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Secure Communication Hub

Secure Communication Hub

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Secure Communication

It's not uncommon for physicians to receive 10 to 15 different types of communications all through different communication channels each day. Communications such as patient call notes on written memos, refill requests on yellow sticky notes, pharmacy questions via email... you get the picture.

The problem with relying on several disparate inbound communication channels is that information gets lost in the process. This can ultimately hurt patient care and cause the practice to lose revenues. iSALUS has solved this dilemma with a strong communications hub that allows busy clinicians and staff to process all work requests from a single, highly secure queue. 

iSALUS' Communication Hub's work requests include:

  • Internal Office Communications  
  • Secure Patient-Provider Communication
  • Orders and Labs 
  • Unbilled Superbills Requiring Release 
  • SOAP Notes
  • Prescription Refills   
  • Reminders   
  • Patient Portal Requests