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Orders and Labs

Customizable Orders and Labs

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Orders and Labs

Lab entry and order results management are the most complex and varied aspect of a medical practice. Every practice has different requirements because of their unique workflow. As an example, some practices have an in-house phlebotomist and some do not. Some practices have in-house imaging and some do not.

iSALUS offers the most flexible Orders and Labs process in the industry. When you sign-up for an iSALUS account, a certified EHR expert will conduct a detailed needs analysis about your practice's Orders and Labs workflows to ensure your unique needs are met.

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Deep Practice Automation Rules allow you to automate the following routine tasks:

  • Route Orders and Labs to specific internal and external individuals based on template choices
  • Print requisition slips during patient check-out for external lab tests or imaging appointments
  • Task front-desk staff to schedule follow-up appointments based upon specific conditions unique to the patient visit
  • Send diagnoses and procedure codes to the Superbill based on the orders placed and what diagnoses are used for those orders
  • Print patient education materials based on the specific tests ordered during the patient's visit
  • Print bar coded specimen labels with all pertinent patient information

Lab Connections:

  • iSALUS has numerous electronic lab connections with partners such as Quest and LabCorp, and if a lab connection needs to be established, we can do that too
  • Lab results automatically flow into a clinician's inbox, and allow them to review the lab results in detail using our unique lab graph features
  • iSALUS reminds you of duplicate lab orders to make sure you don't accidentally repeat tests unnecessarily