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Electronic Faxing

E-Fax Management

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E-Fax Management

Many medical practices send and receive thousands of faxes every month. Each time a fax is sent or received, it costs the medical practice a considerable amount of money in materials such as paper and ink. Not to mention the labor associated with manually walking to and from the fax machine, routing these faxes to the right staff members and constantly checking the fax machine for the status of previously sent faxes. 

Wouldn't it be nice if this process was digitized? iSALUS has created a highly secure and HIPAA compliant data integration with eFax, the industry leader of the electronic fax space.

Save time and money with iSALUS' integrated fax service:   

  • Transfer your existing fax machine over to iSALUS e-fax service for only $19 
  • Send and receive faxes electronically 
  • Automatically fax SOAP notes to referring providers after each pt. visit
  • Route faxes to staff and coworkers for review
  • Attach faxes to patient charts for easy retrieval
  • Store faxes in e-documents folders and subfolders