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Electronic Document Management

E-Document Management

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E-Document Management

Medical practices have been so bogged down with paper that some of them have their own rooms dedicated to charts, filing cabinets and other forms of paper.

The purpose of Electronic Health Records is to help practices be more efficient, and truly make the plunge into being paperless offices. This can only happen with EHR systems that allow convenient, online storage of both faxed and scanned documents. Lucky for you iSALUS has you covered!

iSALUS' robust E-Document System allows users to: 

  • Create a rich file management system with folders & subfolders
  • Scan any paper document directly into iSALUS
  • Store scanned, attached or faxed documents in these folders & subfolders
  • Send e-documents to other staff members for review
  • Create reminders/tasks attached to e-documents
  • Fax e-documents with a single mouse click
  • Draw, add sticky notes to and attach e-documents to patient charts