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Daily Schedule

Daily Provider Schedule

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Daily Provider Schedule

We know you're busy. You're in and out of exam rooms throughout the day, and sometimes don't even have a chance to grab lunch, let alone use the restroom. You need logical and easily interpreted solutions to help you optimize patient flow in order to keep patient wait times low, and satisfaction levels high.

The iSALUS daily provider schedule shows all patients that belong to a single provider for a given day. You can easily see which patients that are scheduled, checked-in, checked-out and no-shows. Fixing bottlenecks starts with understanding where they occur - which is now possible with the daily provider schedule.

Appointment bubbles display the patient's chief complaint, appointment times, room assignment and room status. Easily click an appointment to see the patient's age, gender, primary insurance, insurance balance and other key patient demographic information. iSALUS can support the providers Hospital Round schedule and Office schedule simultaneously on the same screen.

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