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Clinical Reporting

Clinical Reporting

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Clinical Reporting

To help busy practitioners deliver a higher level of patient care, iSALUS has created a robust and sophisticated clinical analytics reporting engine with infinite possibilities.

iSALUS iReports allow practices to build powerful patient queries that retrieve patient names based upon demographics, problem lists, prescriptions, order results, vitals, appointments, claims and all clinical template patient data fields.

These powerful reports allow providers several options. You have the ability to print and send customized patient letters to anyone falling within the criterion above. Send patient reminders for immunizations, glucose tests, mammograms, pap smears and many more. Create and print patient education materials. Securely send patient education materials to patient portal. Create Decision Support Alerts that display on a patient's chart . Save a report for future usage and export report results into Microsoft Excel for massaging or use in other systems like email management systems. 

iSALUS also allows you to build Disease Management Reports that query  and retrieve clinical data for further analysis based upon the data values of the following: 

  • Allergies   
  • Appointments  
  • Lab Results 
  • Demographics  
  • Prescriptions   
  • Problem Lists