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Chart Sharing


Chart Sharing

Busy providers need to be able to securely share patient records quickly and efficiently. The ability to share charts with other clinics, payers, attorneys, medical journals, educational and health institutions anywhere in the world, regardless of the receiver's software system, is now possible!

iSALUS' proprietary ChartShareMD makes securely sharing patient records easy and efficient.

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iSALUS' ChartShareMD allows you to:   

  • Easily share all or limited patient chart data through a secure website, with anyone necessary, without them having an iSALUS account.    
  • Control data accessed, time limits and personal identification requirements for the party you're sharing data with. 
  • Comments and questions can be posted back into iSALUS from the party the chart was shared with.
  • Make patient data anonymous for sharing with publications or medical journals.