E-Prescriptions Video

E-Prescriptions Video


In just a moment, I’ll demonstrate how iSALUS Electronic Prescribing delivers higher patient safety than any other EHR while simultaneously increasing provider job satisfaction levels. But first, a quick introduction. Surveys clearly indicate that physicians care most about two things: 1) The quality care of patient care they deliver; and 2) Their own quality of life. Unfortunately, the FDA’s website indicates adverse drug reactions may cause as many as 2.2 million serious cases and 106,000 deaths in hospitals alone. This doesn’t even include ambulatory care settings and nursing homes. This means adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, aids, pneumonia, accidents and automobile deaths.

Now we’ll demonstrate how iSALUS reduces the danger of adverse drug reactions, while letting the providers e-prescribe from a screen that looks and feels just like a paper prescription pad. From a patient’s chart providers can quickly and easily see color coded drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions and mark a drug as reviewed with a single mouse click. And previous prescriptions and their dates are easily accessible from a patient timeline. Providers can quickly review the impact medications are having on a patient’s health from our award-winning patient vitals screen.

iSALUS increases safety and reduces the risk of adverse reactions by showing potential drug interactions before they are prescribed. You can write an e-prescription with a single mouse click and then review pharmaceutical formularies and insurance coverage and copay amounts allowing you to prescribe therapeutic alternatives where appropriate. And adding a medication to your favorites list couldn’t be easier.

A patient’s recently used pharmacies and office favorites list will automatically along with any pharmacy in the patient’s zip code. You can locate pharmacies throughout the United States by searching by zip code and use Google Maps to help patients find their pharmacy. And once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter of clicking the send button.

All refill requests are routed into a secure queue where providers can approve with a single mouse click. And don’t sweat it if you get an after-hours refill request because iSALUS has an iPhone application that allows you to write any prescription right from you iPhone.