E-Labs and Orders Video

E-Labs and Orders Video


In a few moments, we'll demonstrate our iSALUS' Electronic Orders and Labs functionality gets providers out of the practice and home on time for dinner. But first, a quick introduction. This is Timmy. He's the fastest runner in his second grade class and he loves to show off his expert running capabilities. And this is Dr. Tom, Timmy's dad. He loves practicing medicine, but he's rarely at home before nightfall to spend any time with Timmy and check out his running skills. Inefficient processes like ordering labs or worse yet, complicated electronic health records programs can keep providers handcuffed to their practices, costing them valuable time with their families. I'll now show you how iSALUS' easy to learn electronic orders and labs features give you time with the people you love by accelerating office efficiencies.

One of the most important aspects of an electronic health record is providing busy doctors fast access to critical patient data. In iSALUS, everything is literally a click away and it's insanely easy to learn. Here's a lab from Quest. We automatically flag abnormal values in red and bold the text so you can quickly see what matters. And ordering labs couldn't be easier. Let's go ahead and order a lab now.

You can select the right diagnosis codes and then route to the right lab facility or even an internal processor. And after we order a metabolic panel we can review the results in a screen that displays important clinical markers on a single graph allowing providers to better understand how medications intersect with patient health. New electronic lab results will be received in an inbox style queue that allows providers to flow results on the fly. And clinical decision support alerts can be set up to automatically remind you to order labs for specific patients. You can also print patient education based on lab results or a lab order. And sharing lab results with fellow staff members or even tasking a front desk receptionist to schedule a follow up couldn't be easier.

And you might be wondering if you can fax lab results to others. Well, I'm glad you asked. Let's do that. Ordering labs is not the only thing the iSALUS Order's Engine will do. You can set up automated workflow rules that task staff members to schedule follow ups, refer patients to specialists or print patient education materials upon checkout. Providers can also have multiple customized orders templates to meet the unique practice workflow needs.

Last but not least, you can set up custom routing rules based upon the order type. Let's take a look.