Dr. Schwartz Testimonial Video

Dr. Schwartz Testimonial


I am a Primary Care Pediatrician, meaning I see children from newborns through probably 21, 22 years old, for their well-child visits as well as any acute illnesses that might come up. The challenges that we faced I think reflected the new Affordable Care Act at that time. It was apparent that the need for any EHR, Electronic Health Record, was coming and that offices were strongly encouraged to participate. The iSALUS system allowed us to customize our flow, customize our templates. So that meant rather than being challenged or having an outside system impose a workflow, we were able to adjust the system to how we flow. Ironically, the cost for the system to get the EHR, billing and scheduling turned out to be far less than what I was just paying for my billing and scheduling system. And once we saw that, it was a no-brainer. This was a good system to go to. I like the fact that it was a web-based system so I didn’t have to get servers or additional hardware or anything like that.

The implementation of the system actually was surprisingly smooth. Much easier than I had anticipated. The iSALUS system allows us to track the immunizations of our patients because they're all there right in front of you. I can be in any room. I don't have to flip through charts and so it's easy to get the data. The parents like it because we can print out a nice neat immunization schedule for them to take to their day cares or schools. Probably more importantly, there is a new Indiana State Law that requires all physicians to report all immunizations for children 0-19 to the state registry. In our case it's CHIRP. And the iSALUS system integrates and allows us to do that pretty seamlessly.

I would recommend iSALUS because it's been easy to use. A lot of it is intuitive. It was readily customizable, which helped us. But probably the biggest advantage has been the support and I when I talk to my colleagues who have other systems they can't believe how good the support is.