Dr. Marker Testimonial Video

Dr. Marker Testimonial


I do a lot of work with other physicians around the state and even around the country. And I always tell them that they need to take a moment at least look at the iSALUS product because it is unique amongst products that are out there. It is hard to make a good comparison between it and another product. When I get a chance then to help them go online and see the demo and talk to some folks at ISALUS about what the product is all about, they're always genuinely impressed. This is a company that really seem to care about moving a physician forward in their journey of data gathering and data management for their patients. It is smooth. It is clean. It is efficient. And it has just enough of the bells and whistles and many that you can turn on if you need to take the next step forward. It’s a product that every practice needs to at least look at because it is so efficient. It is priced right and it can do all things that you need it to do and you can make it do all the things that you're going to want it to do as well.

I wouldn't describe myself as a cheapskate, but I'm definitely a penny pincher. It pays to be frugal and a good steward of your money, especially in private practice when the bottom line is what you take home at the end of the day. So for me a product like iSALUS was wonderful because I didn't have to buy a giant stack of servers. I didn’t need to have an onsite IT person help us out. I was able to go buy some new computers, which I needed to buy anyway, at Best Buy. I was out of the box running iSALUS on the first day. It was very smooth and a very wise investment for us. When we went “go live” I had never seen a live person from iSALUS. Now some people say that was a little foolish of me, but they're so good at support that they can pull it off without any questions asked. It was a great “go live” and we did all remotely. Amazing.

The original iSALUS Summary screen was amazing to me that so much data could be in one place and I could totally customize it to look the way I wanted it to look to see that snapshot of the patient. 18 months ago when they launched their time line view of the Summary screen, I couldn't believe they had taken that step forward. They had obviously looked at what a lot of the doctors - how they had setup their summary screen, and put it together in an even more compact view where they converted the data that was already there into an information package for us where we could really see deeper into what was going on for the patient.