Dr. Jerrells Testimonial Video

Dr. Jerrells Testimonial


I had used a software system previously and I did not feel that it was very efficient. I felt like it slowed me down and I left the office frustrated every day. In the past, with prior systems what I found is that there is a system created and then the physician has to figure out how to make their workflow work for the system. So what iSALUS did was say, “Okay, what’s your workflow?” Determine what that is and allow a customized product to be formed and make the process as efficient as possible. So the difference is that with iSALUS is that it’s a team approach and they are very flexible in working with the physician to make the program work for the physician instead of the physician having to work around the program.

So when I first met with iSALUS, I indicated that I had an outside biller and they let me know that that would not be a problem. We could still figure out how to make that work. And, in fact, it’s very efficient because I input the data as soon as I see the patient and then I am able to within 48 hours see that the superbill is closed and has been sent to the insurance company.

When I was deciding to go with iSALUS, I take a really long time to make decisions and I was very afraid that this was not going to go well based on my past experience. I have just been really absolutely, pleasantly, surprised actually that it’s made my life easier and the staff life easier and I think it leads to better patient care.